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BarCamp at Analyst Days-10: Your 15 Minutes of Fame

Many participants of our other conferences already loved a freshly introduced BarCamp section - a friendly space for spontaneous presentations. So, we are organizing it again at Analyst Days-10. You may start preparing for it, or just go with the flow. We welcome your initiative!

The secret of a successful BarCamp is your own good will and self-management. Having an idea is enough for a start, and you can prove yourself even if this idea occurred to you directly at the conference. Input your name and the title of your presentation in the schedule on a special flip chart, and come to present at a specified time. Surely invite your friends and acquaintances, and they should also present if they feel like it.

BarCamp at Analyst Days-10 is a new way to exchange knowledge and a chance to practise public talks. Don’t miss it